Krav Maga Core is ceasing operation.

Master Haim Sasson and Amnon Darsa will both be teaching Krav Maga independently around the world. For any further information regarding memberships, training or events please contact your instructor, or you can direct your enquiry to Master Haim Sasson and Amnon Darsa directly:

Master Haim Sasson

Amnon Darsa

Thank you for sharing the journey with us over the past few years. It has been a pleasure to train with you and we wish you the best for the future.

Memberships, qualifications and ranks

All memberships, accreditations and ranks from Krav Maga Core will be honoured by both Haim and Amnon in their new organisations.

All personal and school memberships with Krav Maga Core have been de-activated so that the renewals are discontinued.


All events scheduled for after May 2016 have been cancelled and registrations will be refunded.

Haim and Amnon will continue their training schedules and host similar events. Please contact your instructor or either Haim or Amnon directly for more information on future events.

For our members who have registered to attend Core Camp, we thank you for your registration and confirm that this event has been cancelled. Both Haim and Amnon will deliver training camps in Israel in the future, with Amnon continuing with a camp during the original dates and Haim planning to conduct one at a later stage. Please contact Haim or Amnon directly if you would like to register for either of their training camps.


The brand and trade mark for Krav Maga Core is owned by Leann Webb, Haim Sasson and Amnon Darsa. Any continued use of the trademark, brand, logo or name is strictly prohibited.

Any existing training shirts, patches, passports or co-branded school banners can continue to be used as an interim measure. Any new usage of the brand, such as producing new merchandise, is prohibited. If you use the logo on websites or facebook pages, please remove the logos as soon as practical. If you have websites or facebook pages that use the domain of Krav Maga Core, these should also be changed as soon as practical.

Again, thank you for being a part of Krav Maga Core and we wish you the well as you continue in your way. Walk in peace.